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Will Arnett gears up to smash car and sub in this LEGO Masters clip with a twist (Exclusive)

Yes, we are also charmed by the submarine sandwich sub

Still image from LEGO Masters
Image credit: FOX

Who doesn't like watching things smash into each other? And when those things are LEGO things, that's just the cherry on the proverbial LEGO cake. Fans of Fox's LEGO Masters will be able to see host Will Arnett gear up to do just that this evening (and maybe even a little earlier).

That's all before we even mention that tonight's episode has a special surprise: not only will the winning car get its team into the semi-finals (Yes, even though it's only episode 8!), but the winning car will also become a playable vehicle in the new LEGO 2k Drive video game. Stakes seem pretty high, don't they?

About the partnership Alison Bakunowich, VP of Global Marketing at 2K shared, “We're thrilled to partner with FOX to bring LEGO 2K Drive into the real world... Taking advantage of the diverse vehicle customization system in-game, LEGO 2K Drive players have built some truly incredible creations, and we can't wait to see what LEGO Masters does with that same spirit of vehicular ingenuity.”

If you're unfamiliar with LEGO Masters, it's a reality contest where multiple teams of two demonstrate their powers of LEGO building with weekly tasks set by Will Arnett and the two judges, Lego Group creative designers Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard. Now in its fourth season, the show originated in the UK and has since spawned international versions in the US, New Zealand, Australia, and across Europe. If that sounds a little too much, just consider this: in the US, winners don't just receive a trophy and the title of LEGO Master... they also get $100,000.

For those who can't wait until tonight (9:01 PM ET/PT on FOX) to watch the new episode of LEGO Masters, we've got an exclusive clip from the episode for you to watch below.

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The newest episode of LEGO Masters debuts tonight on FOX at 9:01 ET/PT.

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