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Disney+'s Willow: The first trailer AND the show's debut date November 30

The next generation of unlikely heroes seek out Willow in teaser trailer

Willow still
Image credit: Lucasfilm

The Lucasfilm Showcase at Star Wars Celebration highlighted a variety of future projects; even those from other franchises. Ron Howard took the stage to discuss the upcoming Willow series arriving on Disney+. Howard is the director of the original fantasy film that was released in the late '80s. It is about an inexperienced Nelwyn (little person) magician who becomes the reluctant protector of a child destined to bring prosperity back to a kingdom.

Here is the trailer:

The new show will take place 20 years after the movie. The cast includes a returning Warwick Davis in the titular role along with Joanne Whalley, who reprises the role of Sorsha. Joining them are new members Ellie Bamber (Dove, a kitchen maid), Ruby Cruz (Kit, Sorsha and Mad Martigan's daughter), and Erin Kellyman (Jade, Kit's friend). Willow is also a family affair with Davis' daughter, Annabelle, playing his character's daughter, Mim. Howard, Jonathan Kasdan, Wendy Mericle, Kathleen Kennedy, and Michelle Rejwan serve as executive producers.

The story follows the next generation of unlikely heroes who are brought together to embark on a perilous journey to save their world. In the recently released trailer, these young protagonists seek Willow and his magic to help set the balance between the light and shadow; good and evil. The adventure will take the party into the unknown. Revisiting this story is like stepping back in time to the original film transporting you to an imaginative world with trolls and exotic aquatic creatures.

Here's a gallery of stills from Willow:

Willow will premiere November 30, 2022 exclusively on Disney+.


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