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The Witcher's Eamon Farren explains how season 3 is the "turning point" (and "breaking" point) for Cahir

The actor revealed that a major change in line with the books was on the way for his antiheroic black knight.

Eamon Farren in The Witcher (2019)
Image credit: Netflix

With The Witcher Season Three approaching quickly on the horizon, and the third season of the megahit fantasy show will finally reveal what Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer have been up to since we last saw them in 2021. And though there are big things awaiting the show's foremost found family, they won't be the only ones to face major changes. According to actor Eamon Farren, his character Cahir will undergo a fundamental change in the third season.

When we first met Cahir in Episode One, he's a little less than likeable, seemingly a heartless goon for an evil empire. But as the show progressed and the character got more screentime in Season Two, Cahir was revealed as a complex, morally fluctating character that became a favorite for several fans. One of those fans came to the Eamon Farren spotlight at MCM Comic Con in London in May to ask about what awaited Cahir in the third season.

"I think that this season, for Cahir especially, is very much the turning point," Farren says. "And you're going to see that [...] Cahir is breaking apart."

Sure, it's not the most specific of answers, but that's not to say Farren entirely avoided spoilers. In particular, the Twin Peaks actor repeteadly claimed the series would follow the books' lead for Cahir's moral arc, his "broken hero journey," as Farren puts it.

"[Cahir] obviously makes... anyone that's read the books will know that he makes a severe, huge arc through the whole series." When asked if that arc will come to fruition in Season Three, Farren gave the best answer he could without spoiling anything.

"Yes," he said.

Watch the full Eamon Farren spotlight panel from MCM Comic Con here.