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Re-watch The Witcher's ball episode for "clues" about the upcoming season 3 finale

Yennefer and Geralt become detectives in the fifth episode of The Witcher Season Three. And thanks to some clever hints hidden in the costumes, you can be one too.

Henry Cavill and Anya Cholatra in The Witcher (2019)
Image credit: Netflix

MAJOR SPOILERS for The Witcher season three follow. Proceed at your own risk.

In the final episode of The Witcher Season Three: Volume One, heroes Geralt and Yennefer attend the Conclave Ball with the intention of discovering who's been controlling Rience, the fire-wielding mage on the hunt for Ciri. The episode is as intricate and kinetic as the ballroom dancers, and by the end of it, we know who's been behind the attacks. Though eagle-eyed viewers will find clues to the puppetmaster's identity in jewelry and paintings shown throughout the latest season, there may be even more hints hidden away in one of the show's most visual elements: its costuming.

Costume designer Lucinda Wright spoke recently to Mashable about this episode, entitled 'The Art of Illusion.' Each costume at the ball, says Wright, fits the wearer's personality and traits. For example, Phillipa Eilhart of Redania is robed in feathers, indicative of her ability to transform into an owl. Yennefer's outfit is tailored around her signature amulet and violet color, and Geralt's level of contempt for social events is exhibited in his vest, which is purposefully too tight.

But there are many layers to the costumes seen at the ball, and we're not just talking about sequins and fabric.

"There are very particular [Easter eggs] in the ball," Wright told Mashable, "there's colours and who's allied with who [...] I use colour a lot and there are some clues in there." So what are we going to find if we start matching colors at the ball?

Perhaps the most important answer is an alliance between the kingdom of Redania and the unveiled mastermind behind Rience: head of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers Vilgefortz. Vilgefortz's black and gold robes have just the tiniest bit of red in them, which is the national color of Redania. And if you look to Redanian spymaster Dijkstra's outfit, you'll notice black and gold. The details of this alliance are still a mystery, but we expect to see it come to a head in Volume 2.

Another hint at what's to come could be in the outfit of Tissaia de Vries, Vilgefortz's lover. De Vries, also a powerful and plotting magic-wielder, wears a detailed gown of green fabric, which is potentially a clue when you consider what it could mean in comparison to Vilgefortz's red. As anyone who's seen a negative photo knows, green and red are opposites on the spectrum. Could this hint at a coming confrontation between the lovers?

Finally, it's worth noting that Vilgefortz's black and gold is seen all over the attendees' attire. There are multiple sorcerers in those colors, including Gerhart of Aelle, who Yennefer points out as the oldest living sorcerer. But more interesting than any of those - Geralt himself is wearing a black and gold outfit. And while we know our main character isn't plotting with any of the villains (wouldn't THAT be a twist!), it's possible the the costume is hinting at a different kind of connection: that Geralt is a pawn in Vilgefortz's plans.

Wright's interview ends on a mysterious note, clarifying that we won't fully understand what the costumes mean, "until you see the other episodes afterwards, you won't realise it until you see it." For now, we'll just have to speculate as we wait for Season Three Volume Two to drop July 27.

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