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The Witcher: Blood Origin - Everything we know about the prequel spin-off

Here's everything we know about Netflix's new prequel series to their hit show The Witcher, Blood Origin

The Witcher: Blood Origin
Image credit: Netflix

Netflix’s popular The Witcher series, based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, took the world by storm when it premiered on the streaming platform in 2019. With two seasons and one animated movie on the streaming platform, Netflix has released a prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin on December 25.

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Making its debut ahead of the 2023 release of The Witcher Season 3, The Witcher: Blood Origin takes place 1200 years prior to the event of The Witcher, making the series a good starting point for new Witcher fans and a good background series for established fans. You will not need to know much about The Witcher to enjoy The Witcher: Blood Origin, though if you enjoyed The Witcher, you'll probably enjoy returning to the familiar world.

While we want you to have as much information as possible to The Witcher: Blood Origin, you're probably finding this ahead of of watching the show. If you want spoilers to the ending and the big moments that'll factor into the future of the Witcher franchise, we've got a spoiler-filled The Witcher: Blood Origin article here.

What is The Witcher: Blood Origin plot?

The Witcher: Blood Origin
Image credit: Netflix

Set 1,200 years before the events of The Witcher, Blood Origin takes viewers into a time before Witchers. From a fable lost to time, Blood Origins will tell the tale of the events leading to the first prototype Witcher – the Conjunction of the Spheres, the cataclysmic event that saw all of the worlds, or other Spheres of Existence, colliding with each other. During this event, monsters, elves, mythical beings, and humans all clashed-- but this event also gave humans the power of magic, allowing them to fight monsters and other nefarious beings.

The Witcher: Blood Origin takes place at the height of the elven empire of Xintrea, which is in heavy contrasts with the depths we see them at in the main The Witcher show. “That fascinated me to wonder what that world could have been," says the Witcher: Blood Origin showrunner. "What society would have been like and what elves wanted. That's what we're going to explore here.”

Is The Witcher: Blood Origin trailer out?

On December 5, Netflix dropped the latest trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin. The trailer introduces the principal cast with select, exciting scenes from the show. The trailer ends with the show's narrator, Minnie Driver, speaking to Joey Batey.

Who is in The Witcher: Blood Origin cast?

The Witcher: Blood Origin
Image credit: Netflix

While The Witcher: Blood Origin has a few characters we know and love from the main series, this series does take place 1200 years prior to Geralt and the rest. But Blood Origin is shaping up to be full of its own star power, with Minnie Driver (Speechless, The Phantom of the Opera) leading the cast as the show's narrator, Seanchai. Currently, the only announced actor appearing in Blood Origin from the original Witcher series is Joey Batey’s Jaskier, Geralt’s bard friend.

Joining Driver will be Sophia Brown (I Am…, Clique) as Eile, a former member of the Queen’s Guard who is forging her own path as a traveling musician. Blood Origin will also star Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere All At Once, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) as Scian, the last of her tribe of sword elves. Laurence O’Fuarain (Into The Badlands, Vikings) will also be featured as Fjall, a warrior whose own father cast him out of their clan.

This ensemble cast further rounds out with Francesca Mills (Sneakerhead, Harlots), Nathaniel Curtis (It’s a Sin), Lenny Henry (The Sandman, Doctor Who), Dylan Moran (Stuck, Good Vibrations), Jacob Collins-Levy (Pure, The Liberator), and Zach Wyatt (Karen Pirie, Urban Myths).

The Witcher: Blood Origin
Image credit: Netflix

Is Henry Cavill in Witcher: Blood Origin?

Per Variety, Henry Cavill will not appear in The Witcher: Blood Origin. Cavill’s next and final season as Geralt in The Witcher will be season three. Cavill will then hand the role of the Witcher over to Liam Hemsworth.

Is Liam Hemsworth in Witcher: Blood Origin?

Liam Hemsworth will not be in The Witcher: Blood Origin. Per Variety he is confirmed to appear in The Witcher season four. Hemsworth will be taking over the titular role in season four after Henry Cavill exits the show after season three.

Is Jason Momoa in Witcher: Blood Origin?

While Jason Momoa had been rumored to maybe joining The Witcher universe, he has not been confirmed for Blood Origin. It is likely Momoa did not join the cast for Blood Origin due to his filming schedule for Netflix’s original movie Slumberland. There has been no further confirmation that Momoa would appear in future The Witcher seasons.

When is the Witcher: Blood Origin release date?

The Witcher: Blood Origin
Image credit: Netflix

The Witcher: Blood Origin was released on December 25, 2022 at 3:00 A.M. Eastern time, to be exact.

How many episodes is Witcher: Blood Origin?

The Witcher: Blood Origin
Image credit: Netflix

The Witcher: Blood Origin will only contain four episodes, despite IMDB at one time listing the series as being six episodes. This is a Netflix 'Limited Series', which means the main story arc will be completed within these four episodes, and signaling Netflix doesn't plan a second season (at least by this name).

In terms of episode count, both seasons of The Witcher that are currently out are eight episodes long each, with 16 episodes total.

Is there a Witcher: Blood Origin season 2?

There has been no confirmation of a second season for Blood Origin. This series should also not be considered a season 3 for the main Witcher series.

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