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What to watch after Wonka

Still hungry after seeing Timothée Chalamet don the purple coat and brown top hat? Check out these cinematic sweets

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Lead up to Warner Brothers's prequel to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory has been appropriately whimsical and grand. You can, for example, try IHOP's Wonka menu before you head to your local theater and watch the film. But what happens after the credits roll, especially if you haven't had your fill of symphony, showtuney sweetness?

That's exactly what Popverse is going to tell you with our list of movies to watch after Wonka. Like the candy factory of the film, we've chocked it full of feel-good favorites, some spice, and hopefully, a few surprises. Enjoy.

Paddington 2

Image credit: StudioCanal

Before he was the man behind the camera on Wonka, director Paul King helped bring another British literary giant to life via the Paddington movies. While both Paddington films are bright, family-friendly comedies with a dash of magic, it's the second one that features future Oompa-Loompa Hugh Grant, making it a bit more appropriate for this list.

Watch Paddington 2 on Hulu and Max.

The Rat Catcher

Image credit: Netflix

The creator of Willy Wonka, Roald Dahl, worked on a few screenplays himself (the James Bond film You Only Live Twice being among them), but is better known to moviegoers as a novelist whose works are adapted for the screen. Most recently, director Wes Anderson (who adapted Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox in 2009) went back to the Dahl-ing board for a series of Netflix-funded shorts, including adaptations of The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, The Swan, and Poison.

But it's the adaptation of Dahl's story The Ratcatcher that makes this list, partially because of its focus on an eccentric with a particular talent for a niche career. Though, we have to admit, the titular rat catcher is a lot darker than Willy Wonka...

Until the latter starts killing kids, at least.

You can stream The Rat Catcher (plus more Wes Anderson Roald Dhal adaptations) on Netflix.

Little Shop of Horrors

Image credit: Warner Bros.

When it comes to over-the-top musicals, there are few weirdos of American theater more well-known than Little Shop of Horrors. While the science-fiction comedy is driven by practical effects rather than Wonka's CGI wonderland, both movies sing and dance on a lush, technicolor background that's tasty enough to be eaten.

Perhaps by a giant, crooning plant.

Little Shop of Horrors is unavailable to stream right now, but you can rent it on Apple TV+.

Jekyll & Hyde - The Musical

Image credit: Broadway Television Network

Alright reader, we've moved away from the warm blanket of mainstream culture and are heading into some much lesser-known territory. For our next entry, another musical reworking of a British literary staple, we join actor David Hasselhoff in the role of Henry Jekyll, in a musical version of the horror classic. Whether you like Hasselhoff in the role or not (he gives it his all; take that as you will), the filmed version of the stage musical is a pop-backed piece of quasi-Victoriana that's at the very least unlike what you've seen from the story before.

Unfortunately, the Jekyll & Hyde filmed musical is not available for streaming, but you can find the DVD on Amazon or listen to the cast recording on Spotify.

Shock Treatment

Image credit: 20th Century Fox

You might not know this musical sequel, the last entry on our list, but we can pretty much guarantee you've heard of its predecessor. Shock Treatment is the 1981 sequel to cult classic midnight movie Rocky Horror Picture Show. And while the film didn't achieve the cult status of its forebearer, it earned a spot on this list for its expansion of a popular story, its musicality, and its all-around, candy-coated weirdness.

Plus, Suspiria's Jessica Harper plays Janet!

Buy Shock Treatment on DVD from Amazon.

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