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Wonka's Max debut has just been announced and is right around the corner

Here comes a second round of chocolate and sweets.

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The Timothée Chalamet-led and Paul King-directed new take on the character of Willy Wonka and the origins of his sweet business ended up becoming the biggest movie of Christmas 2023 and has since crossed the mark of $600 million at the global box office. Now, it's coming for Max subscribers.

WarnerMedia announced today that Wonka "will make its streaming debut exclusively on Max Friday, March 8." This puts its arrival slightly behind Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom's (February 27). Both Warner-backed movies have performed well enough since their December debuts, but only Wonka turned a profit due to the lower production costs. The level of success they'll enjoy with digital and physical formats remain to be seen.

On top of its impressive financial performance, Wonka scored big with critics and audiences alike (82% and 91% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes), which instantly put it above the average reboots or prequels that lack charm and unique angles. This didn't exactly come as a surprise, as Paul King and his closest collaborators already struck gold with the first two Paddington movies.

This release date also makes sense given the proximity to Dune: Part Two's theatrical release (March 1), which also stars Chalamet and is currently enjoying glowing reviews ahead of its big day.

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