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Ryan Coogler's X-Files reboot is still happening says creator Chris Carter (even though he says he's not supposed to talk about it)

The truth is still out there.

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It has been more than 20 years since The X-Files was consistently on the air. However, the world around us only becomes more strange and confusing each year, so there is plenty of material for an updated take on the show. That’s why it has returned for two revival seasons and a film and why efforts have been underway for years to give the show a more modern look, including a long-rumored X-Files reboot series.

Carter first revealed the existence of the X-Files reboot back in 2023, but very little information has followed since then. However, according to the show’s original creator, the reboot is still out there. While the animated X-Files series has seemingly been canceled, there is still hope for the Ryan Coogler-helmed X-Files reboot according to series creator Chris Carter. Popverse caught up with Carter during his first contemporary art exhibition in Los Angeles and asked him if he knew anything about Coogler’s take on The X-Files.

Carter was appropriately enigmatic in his answer. “I’m not supposed to talk about it. Wink wink. But yes, the Ryan Coogler thing, as far as I know, is going forward.” While he didn’t elaborate on the reboot’s specific status, the simple confirmation that The X-Files is still being reworked into a more modern format should be music to fans’ ears.

Coogler is best known for writing and directing both Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever for Marvel. While the original X-Files show explored the existence of aliens, ghosts, and shady government conspiracies, there is still plenty of room for the reboot to give a more modern take on those stories.

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