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X-Men con no more: The Marvel fan convention MutantCon has been cancelled

X-Men fan conventions are becoming a thing in the U.S. - but not this one in Orlando

Image credit: MutantCon

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The X-Men are at one of the highest peaks in popularity in decades, with the 'Krakoan era' in comics, the X-Men '97 cartoon, the upcoming X-Men comics relaunch, and the slow transition of the cinematic X-Men into the MCU. This has, in turn, led to X-Men specific fan conventions, but we've just learned that one of those is being canceled.

MutantCon, a first-ever X-Men convention in Orlando, Florida is no longer happening as it planned to on May 4 and 5, and the organizers' statement cast doubt on it ever happening.

"Unfortunately, it is with a heavy heart that due to severla unforseen factors, MutantCon 2024 has been canceled until further notice," reads a post on MutantCon's social media. "We poured two years of ourselves into bringing you this event, and many surprises in store. So we may revisit MutantCon again in the future. But for now, it is uncertain."

The event, which has been promoted for over a year now, would have included X-Men '97 voice actor Lenore Zann, the X-Men movies' Colossus actor Daniel Cudmore, MCU's young Namor actor Manuel Chavez, FX's The Gifted Polaric actor Emma Dumont, The '90s Generation X TV movie star Agustin Rodriguez (Skin), and the husband-and-wife showrunners of the original X-Men cartoon series, Julia and Eric Lewald. Also involved were several Mortal Kombat voice actors, branded as 'mutant allies' to make them feel more at home in a X-Men fan convention.

According to MutantCon, they will be refunding all ticket purchases.

A separate X-Men fan convention, The Uncanny Experience, is set to return for its second year in September 2024.

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