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An X-Men themed convention wants to immerse fans in the world of the Xavier School, even though Marvel isn't involved

Giant-Size Productions promises an immersive X-Men fan experience for attendees of The Uncanny Experience

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Have you ever wanted to attend the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters? Well, now's your chance. Head over to Minneapolis, Minnesota next year in September (16-17, to be exact), and you'll be able to take part in The Uncanny Experience, Giant-Size Productions' very first event, which they promise will be an immersive experience, where fans can not only attend panels and signings (yes, Chris Claremont will be there), but also take classes and graduate from the school. There will also be a cosplay contest and an arcade room, in case the more academic side of school sounds a bit dull.

According to The Uncanny Experience website: "The Uncanny Experience is a two day immersive fandom event created by fans for fans who desire to be mutant and proud. Our mission is to transport you into the universe of mutantkind, build community, and give a platform to the creators, artists, and actors of the X-Men universe to interact with and educate attendees."

Giant-Size Productions is not affiliated with Marvel, so The Uncanny Experience will not be not a Marvel event, though there have been sanctioned Marvel-themed conventions with MarvelCon back in the 70s. Though, now that we've seen Avengers Con on the small screen with Ms. Marvel, maybe a sanctioned Marvel convention isn't too far away...

For now, X-Men fans can start packing their bags (and X-Men uniforms) for Minneapolis next year. And there's bound to be even more excitement as we get closer to the date, as the long anticipated X-Men '97 is set to debut right around the time of the show.

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