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X-Men: Days of Future Past is getting new attention from Marvel Comics & fans after The Marvels easter egg

Days of MCU Future Past.

Uncanny X-Men #141
Image credit: John Byrne/Terry Austin (Marvel Comics)

Blink and you missed it, but it appears the MCU is preparing to welcome X-Men's 'Days of Future Past' era into its upcoming plans.

As we wrote earlier, it wasn't just the X-Men that was teased with Beast's appearance (and that MCU variant universe) in the end-credits to The Marvels - it seems to be the X-Men alt. universe of Days of Future Past (from the 2014 movie of the same name).

Under the radar, Marvel Comics has just sent off an order for a new printing of the comic storyline - seeemingly anticipating demand as people catch on, and assumedly for what's next.

You could say this is coinciding with 2023 - the fictional year the dystopian future of 'Days of Future Past' takes place in comics, but if so wouldn't they have done this at the beginning of this year instead of during its final moments?

This all makes better sense given Marvel Comics recent movements in the past few years to flesh out 'Days of Future Past.' In the past 3 years, they've done more in that alternate universe than in the past 40 years since the original storyline was published.

Just recently, Marvel Comics hired former Arrowverse lead Marc Guggenheim to write a prequel to 1981's 'Days of Future Past' storyline titled X-Men: Days of Future Past - Doomsday. And just before that, Marvel Comics hired 'Days of Future Past' co-creator Chris Claremont to write a prequel himself - inserting it in the longrunning Uncanny X-Men series running order as #140.5.

What are you up to, Marvel?

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