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Marvel's mutants now have a secret hand signal - learn it to communicate with your fellow X-Men fans

Make the sign of mutantkind, with help from Marvel's new X-Men era.

Uncanny X-Men art
Image credit: David Marquez (Marvel Comics)

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Marvel Comics' new X-Men era begins today with a back-up story in the Blood Hunt #1 Free Comic Book Day Special. In the second story of this free anthology, writer Gail Simone and artist David Marquez show a world after the fall of the popular Krakoan era, ahead of the linewide relaunch dubbed 'From The Ashes.'

The story sets the stage for many new things coming, including a new way to identify you're a mutant - and something a little less visible than the X-logo.

Spoilers ahead for the Blood Hunt Free Comic Book Day Special #1.

In the opening story for the upcoming 'From The Ashes' era, long-time mutant Jubilee reveals that there is now a hand signal to identify you are a mutant - and its something they do as a secret communication, as Marvel Earth is once a gain a place where mutants are feared and persecuted.

The hand-sign, shown by Jubilee and a new mutant named Uva, is made by extending your pointer, pinkie, and thumb out, and tucking the remaining two to your palm. It's similiar to the ASL hand sign for 'I Love You'. It's also similiar to the metal and rock music fans to denote hard rock, and also known as 'the Sign of the Horns.' In the usage as the mutant hand-signal however, both Jubilee and Uva present it in a downward motion - where the fingers form an 'M'.

Midnight Mark
Image credit: David Marquez (Marvel Comics)

(This hand-signal is also very similiar to Spider-Man's method of shooting his web-shooters, and also a common way Dr. Strange manifests his magic spells.)

As the mutant hand signal, Jubilee calls the hand-sign 'The Midnight Bark.'

Simone and Marquez continue this story in the relaunch of Uncanny X-Men, coming this August.

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