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X-Men power couple Rachel Summers and Betsy Braddock to star in new fall Marvel comic

The one-time Psylocke and one-time Phoenix are going forward in love this fall for an X-Men spinoff

Betsy Braddock and Rachel Summers
Image credit: Marvel Comics

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Long-time X-Men Betsy Braddock and Rachel Summers are teaming up in more ways than one for a new Marvel Comics title debuting this fall as part of the massive X-Men relaunch.

The announcement came via Marvel's description of an upcoming variant cover for X-Men #35. The description reads, "Rachel Summers, AKA Askani, currently playing a pivotal role in Krakoa’s final battle in Rise of the Powers of X. She will star alongside her girlfriend, Betsy Braddock, in a yet-to-be announced X-Men title in the upcoming From the Ashes era."

While it could be speculated this could be the previously-announced Phoenix book first teased at a SXSW event earlier this month since Rachel has used the codename 'Phoenix' frequently, we're not quite sure if its that or some other title Marvel has in their plans.

Betsy and Rachel first became romantically involved in the recent Knights of X series, and this news confirms their relationship will continue past the end of the Krakoan era and into the incoming 'From the Ashes' era beginning this July.

While each might be better known for their various codenames they've used over the years - for Betsy, its been Psylocke or Captain Britain; for Rachel, it's been Phoenix, Askani, Marvel Girl, or Prestige - but this quasi-announcement for a new series seems to highlighting them more by their real names.

Look for more on Betsy & Rachel's book, along with all of the major X-Men news, here at Popverse.

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[Editor's note: An earlier version of this piece incorrectly reported this was the previously-announced X-Men spin-off Phoenix.]

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