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Just how big will Marvel's upcoming X-Men relaunch be? Editor Tom Brevoort outlines the number of titles to expect

Brevoort took to substack to discuss the amount of books the new era of X-Men will consist of. One thing's for sure: there'll be a lot of them

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With all this talk about Marvel relaunching their X-Men line, you might get it in your head that the House of Ideas is going to slow up. You know, take a break from publishing the ocean of X-Books and go back to smaller, more concentrated stream.

And you'd be wrong.

Tom Brevoort recently spoke about the number of titles any Marvel franchise would have at a given time and, since he's about to take over the captain's chair, turned the subject to the mutant line of comics.

Specifically, the question directed to Brevoort was about "what goes into deciding how many books to put out at any given time," which the longtime Marvel editor exlpained like this:

"[...] this is somewhat decided by the needs of the publishing division as a whole [...] we need to put out a certain overall number of titles, each one generating a needed profit margin, in order to pay for our overhead and keep the division profitable. So while there’s a bit of an ebb-and-flow to this, in general you’re likely to get approximately the same general number of releases in a given family of titles month after month."

"Which is to say," continued the mutants' new boss, "that those folks who were hoping that the X-Men line would go down to only 4 books are in for a world of disappointment."

He continues, "We maybe won’t have quite as many at the jump as the end of the outgoing era does, but it’ll still be in the neighborhood—and will likely increase as we move ahead and more stuff gets green-lit."

It's a bold move, expecially considering that the current era of X-Men comics (known as the Krakoan Age) is currently being told by six ongoing series and eight limiteds, for a total of fourteen books at "the end of the outgoing era," as Brevoort puts it. Keep in mind, too, that the Krakoan age began with all of two books, House of X and Powers of X, in 2019.

And we're not even counting all the series that have started and ended as the Krakoan age went along.

So whatever Brevoort and Marvel are planning, we know it's going to have quite the range. To Marvel's credit, they appear to be serious about making the X-Men their next biggest brand. But with a lot of buzz about the X-Men joining the MCU (in fact, there's a rumor they'll appear in The Marvels, which releases on November 10), there's never been a better time to put their money where their mutants are.

Thankfully, Marvel's mutant movies are a little easier to keep track of. Check out Popverse's X-Men watch order to see what we mean.

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