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Here's why The Marvels might introduce the X-Men in a surprise move

The age of mutants may be nigh.

Captain Marvel vs. Rogue
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As we approach The Marvels' opening day, November 10 in the US, evidence that it might bring the X-Men into the MCU is starting to pile up. While we don't know how this would work, there are many reasons why it would make sense. Stay with us.

First pointed out by many fans on social media and sites such as MovieWeb, one of the latest TV spots for The Marvels includes a suspicious bit of editing that has the phrase "What Comes Next" slowly fade, but keeping the letter "X" for a lingering moment longer than the others. On its own, this might not seem like much, but recent promotional material has kept pushing the angle of shifts in reality and unexpected arrivals. With the box office tracking for Marvel Studios' third 2023 movie not looking too hot and all the buzz that Kevin Feige and his team are scrambling to put things back on track, it makes sense that Disney and Marvel would hype up the most fan-service-y bits of the upcoming movie, even if that means potentially spoiling big reveals.

A little over a month ago, we learned (via Deadline) Marvel was finally looking to recruit screenwriters for their upcoming X-Men movie. Whether that means an entirely new roster for mutants which is born from the main MCU continuity or a multiverse-related reintroduction of Fox's X-Men characters, we don't know. With Deadpool 3 promising a reunion with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and possibly other faces from Fox's X-Men continuity thanks to multiversal shenanigans, it seems that we'll be spending more time with the former X-Men before the MCU introduces its own take on the mutants. Also, let's not forget Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel was revealed to be a mutant in the final moments of season 1 of her Disney+ show.

If The Marvels is indeed dealing with the matter of incursions as teased in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (a movie that gave us our first X-Men cameo with Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier), surprises are coming our way for sure. Moreover, the presence of mutants isn't too far-fetched when we consider Captain Marvel and Rogue's intertwined history in the comics, Binary's role as an ally to the X-Men, or Mystique's connection to Carol Danvers during their early days.
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