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Young Ahsoka Tano is a veteran of both Barbie and Avengers: Infinity War

Meet Ariana Greenblatt, who has quite a resume for someone so young

Ahsoka Episode 5
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In case you’re wondering, yes, you really have seen the actress who plays young Ahsoka in the latest episode of Star Wars: Ahsoka before. Or, at least, that’s almost certainly the case if you’ve been paying attention to pop culture in the past few years.

The fifth episode of the series, titled “Shadow Warrior,” flashes back to the period of the animated Clone Wars series, and sees a young Ahsoka appear alongside Anakin Skywalker (played once again by Hayden Christensen) as part of her experience in the World Between Worlds — but the Ahsoka Tano that appears in those scenes isn’t played by a CGI’d version of regular Ahsoka actress Rosario Dawson.

Instead, young Ahsoka is played by Ariana Greenblatt — an actor having quite the 2023 so far, having already appeared as Adam Driver’s co-star in the prehistoric sci-fi drama 65, as well as — perhaps more importantly — playing the somewhat jaded Sasha in Barbie; she’s the teen who isn’t entirely convinced that Barbie isn’t ultimately harmful in the way it stereotypes women, much to the upset of Margot Robbie’s Barbie.

Neither of these roles, nor even her Ahsoka appearance, should be considered her big break, however; that came in 2018, when she played the younger version of Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War, sharing multiple scenes with Josh Brolin’s Thanos. Her resume also includes a Disney sitcom — Stuck in the Middle, which also starred Jenna Ortega — as well as voice work in Scoob! and the second Boss Baby movie. For someone who’s just 16 years old, she’s had quite the career already.

In other words, Greenblatt is pretty much set to be geek royalty at this point; all that’s really left for her to do are Star Trek and DC, and she’s got the full set. Hey, casting agents… when this strike ends, there are probably some phone calls that need to be made.

Want to follow Ahsoka’s story from the start? We have a watch order to help with that.

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