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AEW Fight Forever: Watch as Popverse plays the exciting new wrestling game of the summer

Popverse's Veronica Valencia and Vito Scutti are creating their own wrestler for AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever
Image credit: THQ Nordic / All Elite Wrestling
Thank you to AEW Fight Forever for sponsoring this article. Popverse was paid for our time in creating this, but our decades of wrestling fandom and enjoyment of AEW made it a pleasure.

The long-awaited game AEW Fight Forever is out now for everyone - including us. After writing about the game (and AEW) as this intersection of superheroic-style storytelling and wrestling style drama, we were finally ready to play the game itself here at Popverse.

Popverse's Veronica Valencia and Vito Scutti got together for a live-play of AEW Fight Forever, making their very own character - Smooch the Wizard. Watch along as they play the game, and then tell us in the comments about your experiences playing the game:

AEW Fight Forever Gameplay and Guide | Everything you need to know about the wrestling gameWatch on YouTube

AEW Fight Forever is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch systems.

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