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Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction films are being broken up into an anime series by Crunchyroll this month

An alien spaceship hovers over Tokyo, forcing everyone into an existential crisis.

Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction screenshot
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How do you live a normal life when there is a giant alien mothership hovering over your city? The answer is that you really don’t – at least, that is the central idea behind Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction. The odd and long-winded name aside, the two-part anime film hasn’t completely come out in Japan but it is already getting a worldwide release via Crunchyroll.

Starting May 23, 2024, Crunchyroll will stream segments of the Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction films in small chunks, breaking the movies into an 18-episode TV series. New episodes will be released every Thursday evening in the US. The anime films-turned-series is produced by Production +h and is directed by Kurokawa Tomoyuki, who gave us the remarkable Psycho Pass series.

While it is an unusual format for its international release, it is notable that Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction is getting released so quickly overseas. Fans in the West are accustomed to waiting months or even years for anime films to make their way to us, so this is an exciting development.

Based on the graphic novel by Asano Inio which was later adapted into a manga, Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction already has a strong following in the US, where it was recognized as one of the year’s best new manga at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018 and was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2019. The first half of the film was released in Japanese cinemas in March 2024 while the second half will be released on May 24, 2024 – a day after the first “episode” of the anime series airs on Crunchyroll.

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