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We might be getting more Neon Genesis Evangelion anime - but not from original director Hideaki Anno

Is it ever truly the End of Evangelion?

Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji sitting on a chair.
Image credit: Gainax

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Hideaki Anno can’t turn around without someone asking him if we’ll be getting more Neon Genesis Evangelion in the future. It may seem harsh, but that is what happens when you make one of the most influential and popular anime franchises of all time. Now he has given his most definite answer in years - a resounding “maybe” - but he won’t be at the helm.

Speaking to a Japanese newspaper recently, Anno acknowledged that there “may be plans” for more Neon Genesis Evangelion anime, but it would be “someone other than [himself]” who directed it. That person would have a high degree of freedom to put their own spin on the iconic mecha anime, even if Anno were somehow still involved.

Even though Hideaki Anno, who is busy preparing for the 50th anniversary of Space Battleship Yamato, was quick to remind fans that there are no definite plans for more Evangelion anime, even the idea of future installments without the original director involved is likely to be jarring for fans. Anno has always been seen as the visionary who guided Neon Genesis Evangelion from the very beginning – would a series without his involvement have the same creative spark? Even if it is good, will it feel like Evangelion?

Of course, Hideaki Anno even being open to the possibility of more Neon Genesis Evangelion is a change in his attitude. Previously when asked if he had more plans for the series during a Twitch stream celebrating the one-year anniversary of Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time, he wryly commented, “I already ended it three times. I think it’s time to call it a day.”

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