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Artist's Alley Asks: Who (or what) is the arch-nemesis of Gene Ha, Cully Hamner, Jarrett Melendez, Rachael Stott, Soo Lee, and Tim Seeley?

Everyone has their own worst enemy, and C2E2 2024's AA All-Stars reveal theirs

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If there’s one thing that decades of superhero comics have taught us, it’s that everyone has an arch-nemesis out there somewhere. For Superman, it’s Lex Luthor, for Spider-Man, it’s Norman Osborn (oh sure, like he’s going to stay a good guy forever; I don’t buy that and neither do you), and for Garfield, it’s Mondays. What might not be immediately apparent, however, it’s that arch-nemeses don’t have to be limited to the world of fiction… and that some of comics’ greatest talents have them, too. What proof? That’s why Ashley Victoria Robinson is here with the fifth and final installment of Artist’s Alley Asks from C2E2 2024.

Ashley asks the C2E2 2024 Artist’s Alley All-Stars — that’s Gene Ha (Mae, Wonder Woman Historia), Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle, Black Lightning), Jarrett Melendez (Chef's Kiss, My Pokemon Baking Book), Rachael Stott (Doctor Who, X-Men), Soo Lee (Carmilla, Star Wars: Tales from the Death Star), and Tim Seeley (Local Man, Hack/Slash), who’ve been helpfully answering questions throughout the entire series this weekend, for which Popverse is exceptionally grateful — who or what their arch-nemesis would be, and the answers are insightful, amusing, and only a little concerning.

Check out the video above for the revelations, and once you’re done with that, why not go back and enjoy the other Artist’s Alley Asks videos from C2E2 2024, in which the creators tackle such topics as what is a must in Chicago, which superhero movie side they’ll be on next year, con necessities, and dream comic book projects? It’s the finest way to understand what’s happening in your favorite creators’ heads short of climbing in there yourself.

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