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DC's Dark Knight is celebrating a milestone this July with Batman #150

DC is throwing in a couple of special guests to make the the issue a true celebration.

Batman 150 variant cover
Image credit: DC Comics

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With the way that comic books love to start and restart, it is rare that a single run lasts long enough to reach 150 issues, even when one of those characters is as iconic as Batman. However, this July, Batman #150 hits shelves and it brings in a couple of new faces to bring the Dark Knight to life.

Batman 150 cover
Image credit: DC Comics

Series writer Chip Zdarsky s joined by Mike Hawthorne, reuniting the pair after their collaboration on Daredevil, for a story that sees a simple two-bit criminal uncover Batman’s true identity, setting the pair off on a race for the Caped Crusader to stop him from revealing his secret to Gotham City before everyone finds out who he really is. As a backup story from the Absolute Power event, Batman and Catwoman will attempt a heist together. Their target: only one of the most dangerous women in DC comics, Amanda Waller.

Jorge Jiménez returns as the lead artist on the issue but is joined by Denys Cowan, whose work on The Question during the late 1980s remains one of the best in the character’s long history. The inclusion of Cowan and Hawthorn makes Batman #150 feel like a real celebration of the remarkable run the character is on at the moment. If you can make it to 150 issues in a single run, it is definitely worth doing something special.

Batman #150 goes on sale July 3, 2024. To see all of what DC has planned for July 2024, check out Popverse’s guide to DC Comics July 2024 solicitations.

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