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Batman gift guide: Presents from Gotham City for Christmas 2023

Let's put a smile on those faces.

Batman - Christmas in Gotham City
Image credit: DC Comics

Fans of DC Comics and the movie and TV adaptations of the brand's most beloved characters and stories have plenty to look forward to. But it's hard to deny Batman still reigns supreme as the most famous DC character of all time, and the sheer amount of big-screen movies he's appeared in confirms it. As a direct result, fans of superhero movies and comic book aficionados are always on the lookout for stylish Batman products. There are so many gift options based on the Caped Crusader and other characters from Gotham City, but which are the best? We think we've narrowed it down to a handful of really cool items.

Before jumping into them, don't forget that you can read everything DC, DC Black Label, Vertigo, and Milestone Media have to offer with DC Universe Infinite.

Batman gift guide 2023: Quick list

This is our Batman-centric item list without long explanations nor redundant details. After a long and extensive search through the streets and rooftops of Gotham City, these are our favorite Batman gift picks and the respective links to buy them:

Batman gift guide 2023: Detailed list

Need more details before grabbing something that is worthy of your personal Batcave or a friend or relative's private collection? Find below images and longer descriptions for each item we've listed. Still, there's no long and arduous detective work to be done here.

Batman Beyond: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) ($69.99)

Batman Beyond: The Complete Series
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Terry McGinnis steals Bruce Wayne's high-tech Batsuit, but a sense of justice and a great purpose keep him inside the suit and fighting to make Gotham City's dark future a bit brighter. 52 episodes, two special features, and one movie, now in beautiful high definition across six discs.

Batman: Arkham Collection (PS4/One) ($24.58)

Batman: Arkham Collection (PS4)
Image credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Relive (or discover for the first time) the definitive versions of Rocksteady's acclaimed Arkham trilogy games, with fully remastered and updated visuals as well as all the post-launch content. The prequel Arkham Origins isn't included in this pack, but that doesn't make this package any less ideal for anyone who hasn't played through the games yet.

McFarlane Multiverse Batman: The Ultimate Movie Collection Figures Six-Pack ($119.99)

Batman Movie Collection McFarlane
Image credit: McFarlane Toys

This one is among the priciest picks on our list, but the six-pack of McFarlane figures based on Batman's most famous big-screen appearances is amazing. Whether you're a collector yourself or are looking to impress the biggest follower of the Caped Crusader in your life, these 7" scale figures are among the most impressive DC items we've seen recently.

Batman: One Bad Day box set ($159.99)

Batman: One Bad Day
Image credit: DC Comics

Like the previous present, this complete comic book box, containing eight hardcovers plus a special edition of Batman: The Killing Joke, is stunning. Unless the person you're gifting this beauty to had secretly bought these hardcovers, you're likely to become his favorite new member of the Bat-Family. This is a compelling re-examination of Batman's iconic rogues gallery presented in the best possible way.

LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler ($58.95)

LEGO Batman Tumbler
Image credit: LEGO

There's a fantastic LEGO set for each occasion, and Batman has plenty to choose from, but we've picked the iconic Tumbler Batmobile from the Dark Knight trilogy because it's the design that looks the most impressive in LEGO form. It also comes with the Batman himself and Scarecrow, making this tribute to Batman Begins even more complete.

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