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DC's Batman just re-created an iconic Marvel comics moment with Wolverine

Batman goes 'SNIKT!' (almost) in rare Marvel/DC moment

Knight Terrors #3
Image credit: Christian Duce/Rex Lokus (DC)
Incredible Hulk #340
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Each month there are dozens of new Batman comic covers on the shelves, but this August issue might stand out - because it broaches a subject DC is rare to delve into these days.

Knight Terrors #3
Image credit: Christian Duce/Rex Lokus (DC)

A very knowing wink to Marvel Comics.

August 3's Knight Terrors #3 will have a very rare variant cover edition by artists Christian Duce and Rex Lokus. The cover features Batman holding two batarangs between his fingers like claws, with the villainous Joker's Daughter showing up in their mirrored reflection. This, of course, is a blatant homage to a classic Marvel Comics cover.

February 1988's Incredible Hulk #340 cover by artist Todd McFarlane and inker Bob Wiacek was itself a slight nod to the cover to Wolverine's first appearance years before in Incredible #181. This Hulk cover (and the McFarlane artwork inside) helped catapult McFarlane to fame that included runs on Spider-Man, co-founding Image Comics, and creating the character (and franchise) of Spawn.

The cover of Incredible Hulk #340 quickly caught on as an iconic pose, one reflected (no pun intended) nine months later in Frank Miller's Wolverine #1 cover. Since then this cover has been lovingly homaged over 50 times - many times in Marvel Comics, but occassionally elsewhere including variant covers for Radiant Black #14, Rick & Morty #48, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #22, and even Spawn #226, with McFarlane himself revisiting the posing.

In this Knight Terrors #3 variant cover by Duce and Lokus, they've even gone so far as to re-create the 'Incredible Hulk' masthead logo styling, albeit to say Knight Terrors.

This Knight Terrors #3 variant cover will be a little hard to come by, with DC limiting retailers to order one copy for every 25 copies of the main cover to Knight Terror #3 they order. By that alone the cost of this variant could easily land at $75 on the second-hand market, and possibly more given this rare DC/Marvel homaged cover.

Look for Knight Terrors #3 (and all its variants) in stores August 3.

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