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BBC Ghosts' Laurence Rickard shares how he's like his characters Robin and Humphrey

"There's probably a bit of me in them."

Laurence Rickard as Robin in Ghosts
Image credit: BBC

BBC's Ghosts is most notable for its extremely memorable cast of characters. But exactly how much of the characters come from the writer/actors themselves? We know that at least part of caveman Robin's name comes directly from the personal history of actor/writer Laurence Rickard. But what else?

At this year's MCM London Comic Con, a Ghosts fan named Janine asked Laurence Rickard that very same (or at least, close to that very same) question, "Are the two characters of Humphrey Bone and Robin- are they the two split personalities of your fractured psyche?"

"In honesty, probably a bit," Rickard responded with humor. "I like Humphrey's anxiousness. It's probably a bit of me. Equally I can't temper my enthusiasm teribly well. I'm a bit childlike and over excitable, which I think is very Robin-ish. Weirdly, even though I've always gone, 'Oh they're ridiculous inventions,' there's probably a bit of me in them." Rickard continued to joke, "But not to the same degree of Martha, who after five years is now just Lady Button."

Being both a writer and an actor on a hit show certainly comes with some bleed over. Read more about Rickard sharing the team's struggle to find the stakes of Ghosts when ghosts are involved.

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