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Ghosts: How every ghost in CBS's Ghosts died

Ghosts is filled with... well, ghosts. Here's what sent our friendly haunts to the afterlife.

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CBS's Ghosts is a sitcom filled with a cast of hilarious haunts who plague (but also bring a lot of joy) to living couple Sam and Jay's life. But what sent these ghosts to the afterlife? We certainly know that they all died at Woodstone Mansion, but the stories from there get a little more complicated.

Some of them are funny, some are haunting (but also funny - this is a comedy, after all), but they're all important to getting to know the Ghosts crew and who they were in their lives. Here are the stories behind each ghost's death (at least the stories we know so far):

How did Pete from Ghosts die?

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Pete Martino from Ghosts may have the most cringe (and wince) inducing death of the whole gang. As a Pincone Trooper leader, Pete was teaching a group of young scouts some archery when he was shot through the neck by an arrow. Ouch.

How did Alberta from Ghosts die?

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Spoiler warning: Alberta's death plays a pretty integral role through the first couple seasons of Ghosts, as Sam ends up running a true crime podcast about investigating Alberta's murder. It turns out that she is murdered by poison - and by Hettie's son, no less.

How did Thorfinn from Ghosts die?

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Thor in Ghosts is killed when on a Viking expedition in North America. He's abandoned by his shipmates and ends up being struck by lightning.

How did Isaac from Ghosts die?

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Isaac from Ghosts is a revolutionary soldier in the Continental Army. He died of dysentery during the war, leaving him largely forgotten.

How did Trevor from Ghosts die?

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Trevor from Ghosts dies by heart attack after overdosing at a party at Woodstone Mansion. As for why he's missing his trousers, at this party, a colleague of Trevor's was being hazed, and was meant to run to the city with hardly any clothes on. Trevor, out of the kindness of his heart, gives that colleague his pants, and later dies without said pants on, which leaves him forever pantless in the afterlife. As for what happens to Trevor's body, the story gets a bit sadder. His other colleagues freak out and end up dumping his corpse in a lake and keeping the secret for decades.

How did Flower from Ghosts die?

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Flower from Ghosts dies in the most predictable of ways... well, she dies because she tried to hug a bear when she was high. You probably shouldn't do that.

How did Hetty from Ghosts die?

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There's still a little bit of a mystery behind how Hetty died. All we know is that she died wearing heels. Perhaps more light will be shone on this hidden backstory in the upcoming season 3 of Ghosts.

How did Sass from Ghosts die?

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Sasappis also has a bit of mystery behind how he died. Hopefully, we'll learn more about his death-story soon.

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