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Ghosts season 3 release date: When does the hit CBS sitcom return?

More laughs and (hopefully) some answers are around the corner.

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The hit CBS sitcom Ghosts (not to be confused with its British counterpart) is returning with season 3 really soon. Here's everything you should know in advance.

After season 2's cliffhanger ending, Woodstone Mansion is about to get a lot busier (and potentially more intriguing) in the new set of episodes. Adapted from the BBC series of the same name, Ghosts has gradually become one of the top comedies in the United States. Of course, going into this year's third season, expectations are high, but so far, CBS and series creatives are keeping their cards close their chests.

When is the Ghosts season 3 release date?

Still promotional images from Ghosts
Image credit: CBS

Ghosts season 3 is returning to CBS on Thursday, February 15, at the usual 8:30pm ET/PT timeslot.

It appears that the plan is to have the show share the Thursday night on CBS with Young Sheldon season 7 (which premieres the same day), as the combo has worked out great for the network in the past.

Where can I watch Ghosts season 3?

Still promotional images from Ghosts
Image credit: CBS

Ghosts is a CBS original, so if you want to follow the show as the new episodes air, you'll need to tune in to CBS. On the other hand, past seasons are available on Paramount+ to stream and via other digital platforms.

What is the Ghosts season 3 episode release schedule?

According to regular actress Danielle Pinnock (via TV Insider), season 3 will only have 10 episodes "because of both the delays caused by the strikes and co-star Sheila Carrasco expecting her first child," among other things. Should a fourth season receive the green light, expect a return to the longer format most network shows are known for.

The unconfirmed season 3 release schedule (with episode titles) is as follows:

  • Episode 1 'The Owl' - Feb. 15, 2024
  • Episode 2 'Man of Your Dreams' - Feb. 22, 2024
  • Episode 3 'He Sees Dead People' - Feb. 29, 2024
  • Episode 4 TBA - Mar. 7, 2024
  • Episode 5 'The Silent Partner' - Mar. 14, 2024
  • Episode 6 'The Bro Code' - Apr. 4, 2024
  • Episode 7 TBA - Apr. 11, 2024
  • Episode 8 'Holes Are Bad' - Apr. 18, 2024
  • Episode 9 TBA - Apr. 25, 2024
  • Episode 10 TBA - May 2, 2024

We'll be updating this list as more official details emerge.

What is Ghosts about?

Married New York couple Samantha and Jay Arondekar inherit a beautiful country house from Sophie Woodstone, Sam's great aunt, and find out its inhabited by ghosts who died on the property until they can reach the afterlife. Jay is unable to see or hear the ghosts, but Sam can after a near-death experience. That's the starting premise of the show, and things only get crazier from that point onwards.

Ghosts has become a phenomenon in the UK, America, and around the world. With CBS's third season of Ghosts underway, get to know your favorite apparitions with a guide to how the ghosts of Ghosts died, where to watch both Ghosts shows, a guide to the casts of Ghosts, why BBC's Ghosts ended, and learn about the other Ghosts the original show planned but never used. We even have some thoughts on why the American Ghosts has its own worthy charms.

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