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Which Star Wars movie is the best? You tell us!

The Last Jedi fans welcome.

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As I write this, it's an exciting time for Star Wars fans - Episode I is back in theaters, The Acolyte is on its way, and May the 4th is right around the corner. So we thought we'd celebrate the best way fandom internet knows how - by heated argument.

You've got to decide, right now, which is the very best Star Wars movie of all time (we mean, of course, the ones that have been released theatrically). No, you can't come up with a tie, and bigger no, you can't just tells us which one you hate the most and leave. Choose wisely, Young Padawan, only one vote you get.

After you vote, dive back into the Galaxy Far, Far Away with Popverse's Star Wars watch order, see what Lucasfilm is cooking up for the future, and discover the truth behind George Lucas's planned sequel trilogy.

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