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Bill Watterson return reactions, DC comics/TV write Lamont Magee, and ANt-Man 3 reactions in this week's Enter the Popverse

Ashley V. Robinson welcomes Lamont Magee and Graeme McMillan to talk about DC comics, Ant-Man 3, and the return of Bill Watterson

Enter the Popverse episode 2
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Lamont Magee has shined as a writer on CW's Black Lightning, and the DC TV writer has recently expanded to become a DC comic writer - with the support of DC's Milestone Initiative.

Magee was the latest guest on our weekly YouTube series Enter the Popverse, speaking with host Ashley V. Robinson - and she also welcomes fellow Popverse star Graeme McMillan to talk about both Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as well as the news of a new Bill Watterson book on its way.

Stashwick will be joining Popverse's own Ashley V. Robinson for the inaugural episode of Enter The Popverse, talking about his upcoming role in Star Trek Picard, and more.

Enter the Popverse is a live weekly YouTube show hosted by Ashley V. Robinson, and is open to live fan interaction. Each week, Ashley and Popverse touch on all the biggest breaking news in the worlds of comics, tv, and film - just last week we delved into the new Spider-Man Noir TV show, and the upcoming Scream VI film.

The second episode of Enter the Popverse will go live on YouTube (and here) Friday, February 10 at 1 pm EST. Watch below:

You can watch it live or come back later for a full replay! And come back every Friday at 1pm EST to watch more from Popverse with Enter The Popverse!

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