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First Blood of Zeus season 2 footage from Netflix shows Heron calling the lightning

He takes his godly fury out on an innocent rock

Blood of Zeus season 1 Heron screenshot
Image credit: Netflix

The battle for Olympus is just getting started as Netflix has revealed the first teaser trailer for season two of Blood of Zeus as part of its Geeked Week event. The award-winning show is an anime-inspired take on Greek mythology, with flashy animation and a stellar cast bringing the dysfunctional deities to life. For the first time since the show’s 2020 debut, fans have something new to get excited for.

The trailer stops short of revealing much of the plot for the upcoming season but it did show a new side to season one protagonist, Heron. Despite being the son of Zeus, Heron only managed to call for lightning once during the first season, wielding it during the climactic battle against his brother, Seraphim. The new trailer seems to show Heron exercising greater control over his father’s favored element, using it to destroy an unsuspecting rock formation during what we assume is a training sequence.

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Based on the season two teaser trailer for Blood of Zeus, Seraphim isn’t going to let a little thing like death get in the way of his war against Olympus – we can hear him tempting Heron from the Underworld in the trailer’s opening seconds. Otherwise, we don’t get many plot details other than continued speculation about Heron’s place among the gods. The only thing that has been confirmed is the release date for season two, which is listed as simply 2024.

Even if we don’t know exactly when the next season of Blood of Zeus will drop, there is plenty to be excited about here. Powerhouse has once again delivered some excellent animation and we’re hopeful we’ll get to see more of Heron embracing his godly nature when the show returns next year. Fortunately, we've also got a fresh new poster for Damsel to keep us excited for more fantasy monster slaying in the meantime.

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