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Blumhouse producer gives update on upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's and M3GAN sequels

Small horror flicks are becoming big business.

FNAF movie - Freddy and friends
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Wondering about the future for both homicidal animatronics and smothering psychopathic robots? Blumhouse producer and VP of feature film development Ryan Turek has shared updates on a number of projects, including the Five Nights at Freddy's and M3GAN sequels.

Collider started 2024 by dropping a meaty interview with Turek, who's partially responsible for Blumhouse Productions' amazing 2023 and the exciting (and varied) lineup of movies currently in development at the company. The chat focused on Night Swim, which opens this Friday, January 5, but also veered into uncharted territory with talk about some of the anticipated projects that are being figured out as we type this.

The entire interview is well worth reading if you're generally into the company's output of low-to-medium-budget horror flicks, but fast-forwarding to the bit about the FNAF sequel that countless fans eagerly await, we find Turek shockingly stating that it doesn't officially have the green light yet. Looking at the impressive $290 million haul on a $20 million production budget, it's only a matter of time, like he indicated: "That movie made so much money. It was a huge success, and we're grateful for that. Emma [Tammi] did such a great job, but we’re still waiting for the green light on that. We'll see... It's just part of the process, I think."

One could think Blumhouse would've locked down a tentative sequel before the year ended, but it seems like they first want to crack a story and angle worth pursuing. The video games' mythology and storylines are rather huge by now, so there's plenty of material to adapt and/or draw inspiration from. Again, just a matter of time.

Image credit: Universal Pictures

As for M3GAN, the other PG-13 horror sensation from the studio in 2023, it appears it's in active development and getting really close to main photography. While news and updates on that front have been scarce, Turek claims it could even begin shooting this month! Here's the full quote: "M3GAN 2 is underway. We haven’t started shooting or anything like that. We're aiming towards that January release date that was set." If these plans don't change substantially, we could be looking at an early 2025 release for this one. Will they up the violence this time around? We wouldn't rule it out, considering it made $180 million on a tiny $12 million budget before hitting streaming and domestic formats.

Lastly, for gamers in the room, there was a cool little update regarding Blumhouse and Atomic Monster's upcoming Dead by Daylight movie adaptation. Unsurprisingly, they're still in the early stages of developing the central idea, but it appears the success of FNAF will influence the approach: "What we've learned from Five Nights at Freddy's is, obviously, steer towards the fans and make a video game adaptation for the fans... That one I'm super excited about, and we're creatively mulling around what the way into it is."

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