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Genre-jumping manga Call of the Night enters its final arc in November

Get ready for the final conclusion to Ko and Nazuna's story.

Nazuna in Call of the Night
Image credit: Sentai Filmworks

Since 2019, Call of the Night has been one of the most interesting romance manga in production, but all good things must come to an end. According to publisher Shogakukan, Call of the Night will be entering its final arc starting with the 18th volume. This volume will ship on 17 November and begin wrapping up Kotoyama’s vampire romance story, which spawned an anime series in 2022.

This isn’t to say that the Call of the Night manga will be ending immediately with Volume 18 – just that we’re in the final stages of Ko and Nazuna’s story. Ko is a listless, unsatisfied 14-year-old boy who finds himself unable to sleep. On a late-night wander through the city, he happens upon Nazuna, a vampire who finds Ko’s blood particularly delicious. After spending some time with Nazuna, Ko decides he wants to become a vampire himself, which can only happen if she feeds on him after he’s fallen in love with her.

Call of the Night is a difficult-to-define manga because of the way it hops between genres and tropes with surprising ease. At its heart, it is a romantic comedy in an urban fantasy setting, but it features just as much action and mystery as it does romance. While we’re sad that we’ll have to say goodbye to the manga soon, we’re excited to see what sort of resolution we’ll get from the story, which other manga often struggle to deliver. Will Ko finally fall in love with Nazuna and convert to a full vampire? Or will he continue to exist in his current half-transformed state? It sounds like we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Fans wanting to read the final volume in English will have to wait a bit longer. The translated manga's 14th volume will ship in December of this year.

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