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Comic con trendwatch: Potions, potions, everywhere

And not a drop to drink (don't drink the potions, friends)

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Anyone who's been trawling the convention floors in the past year or so have seen the impact that gaming is having on comic con show floors. We've seen a huge influx of booths hawking dice of all sorts, as well as trays, towers, bags, and boxes of all sorts and shapes. At Emerald City Comic Con, we wrote about a great dice maker and a great dice accountrements maker, and at this year's WonderCon, we came across a particularly interesting dice box - a potion bottle.

Photograph of dice bottle potions
Image credit: Popverse

Fistful Design has a whole host of 3D-printed dice that are held in 3D-printed dice boxes in the shape of potion bottles. Some of these are more general, and some - for those DnD fans, are designed for specific spells and features. Fistful Design proprietor Travis designs all of the bottles himself, and actually debuted the very first potion bottle dice a year ago at last year's WonderCon. Fans can find these dice at booth 1813 on the WonderCon showfloor.

Photograph of potions
Image credit: Popverse

But it isn't just dice boxes that are getting the potion bottle treatment. For those more traditional potion lovers, Lux Amuletum is another snazzy looking booth on the show floor that sells potions of all sorts with names like "Drops of Jupiter" and "Flask of Fae Tears." These glass potion bottles are filled with different colored liquids and other items like flowers and sparkles. Shop proprietor Kirk shares that the shop mostly sells at Renaissance Faires, but that the audience of Ren Faires and comic conventions are crossing over more and more. You can find Lux Amuletum at booth 2280.

Photograph of potion making area
Image credit: Popverse

Maybe you're looking for a more customized potion experience. Well then you're going to want to head over and see Rachel at The Crafty Ravens booth at 1442 where for $5 or $10 you can fill your own potion or spell bottle with crystals, herbs, and essential oils. There's even a handy list of what each of the ingredients can bring into your life.

Photograph of sticker sheets
Image credit: Popverse

If dice aren't your bag or a glass bottle feels too bulky to lug around a convention center, you can head over to Artist Alley to pick up some Witch's Apothecary stickers from Cat Bui's booth at B-10. Gotta rep your potions love.

What trends have you been noticing at comic cons?

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