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DC is ending the long-delayed Justice Society of America series after 12 issues

The title, intended to headline a New Golden Age line at the publisher, has been plagued by delays throughout its run

Justice Society of America #12
Image credit: Mikel Janín/DC

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The New Golden Age of DC is coming to a close this August, with DC’s latest round of advance solicitation information including official notice that Justice Society of America #12 will be the final issue of the series.

The series originally launched in November 2022, described by DC as “an on-going monthly title” — only for neither part of that description to end up being true. The series had been plagued with delays as early as its very first issue, which arrived in stores one week late. Only two issues during its run (#6 and #8, respectively) coming out the month after the prior, and as of writing, the next issue of the series — its tenth — is expected in stores June 25, 27 weeks after it was originally scheduled to be released. Assuming the twelfth issue hits its announced release date of August 28, 2024, the 12-issue “monthly” series will have taken 21 months to be released.

The series was reclassified as a miniseries as of its second issue.

Delays are nothing new to Justice Society of America writer (and New Golden Age architect) Geoff Johns; a number of his recent projects for DC, from Doomsday Clock (with Gary Frank) to Batman: Three Jokers (with Jason Fabok) have been similarly delayed. Last year, Johns notably moved from DC, where he served as chief creative officer from 2010 through 2018, to his own company Ghost Machine, which publishes through Image Comics.

In a recent interview with Popverse, Johns suggested that problems with scheduling his DC titles weren’t his fault, saying, “Quite honestly, there were times when Gary and I were working on a book and it had to come out in this month and someone would say ‘Hey, we need it to come out three months earlier’ because the company needed to make money and then we’re behind on books; it’s frustrating during that situation.”

Justice Society of America had been intended as the lead title in an imprint of titles based on characters and concepts from DC’s 1940s publishing properties; beyond JSA, the imprint published a one-shot special titled The New Golden Age #1, as well as four miniseries: Stargirl: The Lost Children, Alan Scott: The Green Lantern, Jay Garrick: The Flash, and Wesley Dodds: The Sandman. Only Stargirl: The Lost Children was written by Johns; the final issue of that six-issue run was also delayed.

DC’s official description of Justice Society of America #12 runs as follows: “As the team picks up the pieces from their last battle, Stargirl looks to the future and what it means to be a member of the first super-team! Don't miss the final issue of this star-studded run!” The artist on the issue is Todd Nauck, replacing Mikel Janín, who has been the series artist for the earlier issues in the run. Janín does contribute the cover of the issue. Tony Harris and Marco Santucci contribute variant covers; you can see them all in the gallery below.

Justice Society of America #12 is scheduled for release August 28.

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