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The next issue of DC's Justice Society of America is now going to be at least 23 weeks later than planned

This new Golden age for the JSA is taking an age.

JLA #10
Image credit: Mikel Janin (DC)

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DC recently revamped and revived its original superhero team the Justice Society of America with the return of its most identifable modern-day writer Geoff Johns along with superstar artist Batman. Launched in late 2023 as part of a larger line called 'The New Golden Age', the Justice Society of America series was planned as a prestige 12-issue limited series running monthly.

But here now 16 months later, the 'New Golden Age' has shrunk to be solely the JSA title - and that title has been plagued by delays. To the point that DC put the title on a brief hiatus, canceled orders, and is starting anew.

Earlier in March, DC informed retailers that orders for the upcoming Justice Society of America #11 - the penultimate issue of the series - have been canceled, with plans to let stores order a new later this year for a hopeful June release. They later announced it would be June 25, 2024.

This comes as each issue of the series has been delayed, beginning with a one-week delay to issue one, and now currently a 23-week delay on the next issue, JSA #10. Here's how it maps out:

Justice Society of America #1 November 22, 2022 November 29, 2022
Justice Society of America #2 December 27, 2022 January 24, 2023
Justice Society of America #3 January 24, 2023 March 14, 2023
Justice Society of America #4 April 25, 2023 May 23, 2023
Justice Society of America #5 May 23, 2023 August 1, 2023
Justice Society of America #6 June 27, 2023 September 5, 2023
Justice Society of America #7 July 18, 2023 November 21, 2023
Justice Society of America #8 October 17, 2023 December 26, 2023
Justice Society of America #9 November 21, 2023 March 19, 2024
Justice Society of America #10 December 19, 2023 Expected for May 28, 2024
Justice Society of America #11 April 14, 2024 Expected for June 25, 2024
Justice Society of America #12 Unnannounced Undetermined

In the past six years, all of the DC books where Geoff has been the solo writer have had significant delays, from Doomsday Clock (with artist Gary Frank), Shazam! (with various artists), to Batman: Three Jokers (with Jason Fabok). JSA artist Mikel Janin does not seem to be the issue, as he has frequently been commissioned by DC for covers for various books across its publishing line.

While not speaking directly about the Justice Society of America delays, Johns recently related a story to Popverse about an unspecified book with Gary Frank that was delayed, and he attributed it to editorial misscheduling.

"Quite honestly, there were times when Gary and I were working on a book and it had to come out in this month and someone would say “Hey, we need it to come out three months earlier” because the company needed to make money and then we’re behind on books; it’s frustrating during that situation."

Johns and Frank have worked together on the Avengers for Marvel, Image Comics with Geiger, and much much more at DC including Action Comics, Batman: Earth One, and Doomsday Clock.

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