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Can't wait for the Sakamoto Days anime? A spin-off manga is coming this July titled Sakamoto Holidays

We're holding out hope for a beach episode.

Sakamoto Days manga screenshot
Image credit: Shueisha

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If you haven’t been following the Sakamoto Days manga since it debuted in November 2020, you might feel caught off-guard by the explosion of interest in the upcoming anime adaptation. Now, in addition to the upcoming anime, we’re also getting a spin-off manga titled Sakamoto Holidays due out this July.

The timing of the announcement of the Sakamoto Days spin-off manga is clearly designed to capture the attention of fans who are already at peak excitement for the anime, which was announced just a few weeks earlier. Sakamoto Holidays, which is drawn by Tetsu Okawa rather than the original mangaka Yuuto Suzuki, will debut in Saikyo Jump’s August issue, which is due to hit shelves in Japan on July 4, 2024. No word on a Western release for the spin-off, which has been distributed by Viz Media in physical format and digital via the Shonen Jump App.

We’re not surprised that Shueisha wants to give fans more Sakamoto Days in the run-up to the anime’s debut in January 2025. This is one of the biggest titles in manga at the moment, so a spin-off that gives us more of what we love about it is almost guaranteed to find an audience. Tetsu Okawa is currently an assistant on the main manga, so it should at least be visually consistent with the original without distracting Suzuki from their weekly release schedule.

There aren’t many plot details about Sakamoto Holidays, the first spin-off from the popular Sakamoto Days manga, but with a July 4, 2024 release date at least won’t have to wait long to find out what shenanigans Taro and his friends get into this time.

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