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Sakamoto Days release date: It is finally getting an anime adapation - possibly on Netflix

Family life has made Tara Sakamoto soft

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It was the worst-kept secret in anime for almost a week, but we finally have confirmation that Sakamoto Days is getting an anime adaptation. It was definitely coming sooner or later – the manga has been one of the top-selling manga in the world for several years running. Now we’re just waiting to find out when the Sakamoto Days anime will be released and if it will be streaming on Netflix.

The Sakamoto Days anime has a release window of January 2025, which is about as exact as we’re going to get from the studio until it gets closer to the actual release. The announcement capped off a week of intense speculation from fans after a Sakamoto Days adaptation was listed in a trade magazine under Netflix, but it got quietly removed after eager fans spotted it.

Does this mean the Sakamoto Days anime won’t be streaming on Netflix? Not really – it just means that the streaming service isn’t ready to announce their involvement until an English dub is in the works. Or it could be that the deal fell through and an international streaming partner like Crunchyroll is still being looked for. Until an official announcement is made, all we have is speculation, though Netflix is looking to be the most likely home of the Sakamoto Days anime.

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Sakamoto Days is a comedy manga by Yuta Suzuki that follows Tara Sakamoto, a retired hitman who is drawn out of hiding when his family is threatened. While all his skills are still intact, he’s gotten a bit comfortable in his family life over the years. The tone is very close to Spy x Family, so fans of that show will be right at home here.

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