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Critical Role x Baldur's Gate 3 crossover? Matt Mercer meets the actors behind it and has a few ideas

Also, which CR cast member knows Neil Newbon as "the hot vampire guy"?

What would happen if two of the biggest gaming properties of the moment crossed over? That’s a question asked during the Critical Role panel at MCM October 2023, when a fan brought up the possibility of cast members of Baldur’s Gate 3 showing up in an episode of the hit gaming series.

Specifically, Matt Mercer was asked which one of the Baldur’s Gate 3 cast would he pick to guest on a Critical Role episode — which, given that both Baldur’s Gate 3 and Critical Role had the biggest panels of MCM this go-around, is something that quite a few people in the audience might have been thinking about.

“They’re here, so I can’t pick one while they’re present,” jokes Mercer. “I’ve only had the pleasure of actually meeting them in person at this con, and they’re all so great. I’d probably have to jump out on Amelia [Tyler], since she is a fan already and has all this experience.”

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“Who’s the hot vampire guy?” interrupts Sam Reigel. “Oh, Neil [Newbon]? Astarion? Neil’d be great too. They’d all be great! All of ‘em!” Mercer responds.

Really, that sounds like an open invitation at this point. Who do we have to talk to about making a Baldur’s Gate 3 x Critical Role episode happen? Hey, Matt…!

You can check out the full Critical Role panel from MCM October 2023 right here, and then go check out some of Popverse’s other panel videos from the weekend right here. Spoilers: Baldur’s Gate 3 is in that latter list, and it was one of the hottest panels of the show.

It’s time to start watching Critical Role, if you haven’t already. Here’s how you can do that easily; you’re welcome.