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Marvel recalls a Daredevil 60th anniversary special over major printing issue

Daredevil #8 is missing a whole comic book's worth of pages inside the over-sized edition

Daredevil #8 page
Image credit: Marvel Comics

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Daredevil has major problems this week, but its nothing to do with the stories of his comics. Instead its the backstory of his comic.

Daredevil #8 cover
Image credit: John Romita Jr. (Marvel Comics)

The print edition of this week's Daredevil #8 comic, an over-sized $9.99 special celebrating the 60th anniversary of the character that went on sale April 24, is missing a major part of the comic - 16 pages of it to be exact. The special, advertised to be an 88-page anthology with stories from various creators, is missing full stories Ann Nocenti/Stefano Raffaele and Elsa Sjunneson/Eric Koda intended for the all-star anthology.

Marvel has confirmed the issue affects all of the Daredevil #8 printings, including the six variant editions, and they have sent out a message to retailers apologizing for the error. The company is making all copies of Daredevil #8 returnable from now through the end of May, with a corrected reprint being rushed to printers as a replacement now.

In a statement, Marvel made it a point to say the missing pages don't affect the story of the series as a whole. "The missing 16 pages of Daredevil #8 do not affect the main series story by Saladin Ahmed, and keeps this primary story in continuity with Daredevil #7 and Daredevil #9," reads the statement from the publisher.

Marvel expects to have the corrected reprint to stores to go on-sale May 22, 2024. It should be noted that the digital editions of Daredevil #8 do not have this error, and contain the complete issue as originally advertised by Marvel.

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