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Daredevil actor Charlie Cox says fans of the Netflix series one-shot fight scenes "will not be disappointed" by Marvel Studios' Born Again relaunch

Charlie Cox breaks down the process behind some of Daredevil’s best fight scenes.

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Remember that hallway fight from the Netflix Daredevil series? Of course you do, because it’s awesome. Daredevil was known for its intense fight scenes, including the epic hallway sequence from season 1 episode 2. The fight scene was a single continuous shot, otherwise known as a 'oner'.

The Netflix series became famous for their oners, but will Daredevil: Born Again continue that tradition? Speaking to a crowd at Fan Expo Boston 2024, Charlie Cox had some good news for fans. “Yes, those fans who are excited by that will not be disappointed,” Cox said.

The actor then broke down the process of how the Netflix series put together their oners, and which scenes used Hollywood magic to cheat.

“There are different types of oners. A oner is a fight scene that takes place in one shot. There are things called a true oner. A true oner is when it really is one take, and there is no editing, there is no cuts, and there is no morphing, which is when you move the camera past something that is a solid color.”

“Then you can technically cut during the black of that. The camera moves past someone’s black shirt, and there’s a moment during that where the whole screen is black. You can then stitch a different take after that, so it looks like a oner, but it’s actually not. That would be what you would call a true oner, where it really is one take, and you use everything from that one take. That oner in season 1 and the oner in season 3 was one take. There’s a couple of stitched oners. There’s a oner in a staircase in season 2, where it plays like it’s one shot, but there are a few stitches in it. And sometimes that’s because you can do things that you can’t do in a true oner.”

Daredevil: Born Again will premiere March 2025.

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