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First look at Marvel's Daredevil in his Born Again costume (and Born Again beard)

The gang is all back together again.

Daredevil: Born Again reveal
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios/Getty Images

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One of the biggest projects hanging over the future of Marvel’s television line-up on Disney+ has been the ongoing struggle to bring Daredevil: Born Again to life. After being delayed repeatedly by the Hollywood strikes of 2023, the show eventually underwent a major creative overhaul in October 2023. Now, after being teased with more Daredevil for what feels like years, we’re finally getting our first look at Daredevil’s Born Again costume – and his Born Again beard.

The costume isn’t the only thing to get fans excited for the new series. Variety first reported on a whole host of set photos from the Daredevil: Born Again shoot and they included some very interesting faces. Both Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson appear talking to Charlie Cox in some of the snaps, meaning that they’ll be joining Cox in bringing both Karen Page and Foggy Nelson to the MCU for the first time. They join Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, both of whom have been in the main Marvel timeline since 2021.

The new Daredevil costume can be seen as the hero fights against Bullseye, once again played by Wilson Bethel. It appears to be more stylized than we saw from the character during his Netflix days, a sign that the Disney+ series is trying to bring the character closer to his comic book roots. We’re still waiting for a release date for Daredevil: Born Again to be announced after the series was essentially scrapped and retooled from scratch late last year.

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