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Blue Beetle doesn't just have an upcoming movie - he's got an horchata-flavored coffee, as well

The Blue Beetle movie merchandise is here, and we're thirsty

Blue Beetle
Image credit: DC/Comics on Coffee

Sure, it’s all well and good that Jaime Reyes is about to fly onto the big screen in the upcoming Blue Beetle movie — in theaters August 18; check out our list of upcoming superhero movies right here — but the real story is that he’s also going to be flying into coffee shops at the same time, thanks to an oncoming onslaught of Blue Beetle merchandise, including the official Blue Beetle Horchata Flavored Coffee. (No, really.)

Described by manufacturer Comics on Coffee as “from the finest coffee farm in Mexico with all natural flavors, with tastes of sweet vanilla and cinnamon,” the $14.99 blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar-infused coffee will be just one of two beverages released to tie into the upcoming movie: there’s also going to be a special Blue Beetle flavor of G Fuel Energy, complete with a limited-edition Collector’s Box and Shaker Cup.

Maybe you don’t like to drink anything, though, but you’re still looking to support the Blue Beetle movie? Don’t worry; there’s also a Blue Beetle Build-A-Bear, which gives a Timeless Teddy a Blue Beetle costume of his very own, complete with antenna on the back and a mask to disguise his identity to protect his loved ones.

Or perhaps you’d rather pick up the Funko Blue Beetle collection, which features Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, and Carapax in Funko’s distinctive style… and if that doesn’t float your scarab-like boat, there’s always the McFarlane Toys line of action figures to choose from, as well.

Of course, none of this answers the most important question of all, which is… what about the movie itself? How do you share your love of Blue Beetle while in the theater, watching Blue Beetle? Don’t worry; Snap has thought of that, and it’ll be offering a Blue Beetle Popcorn Container/Backpage and Blue Beetle Beverage Buddy in theaters across North America to make sure that you’re covered.

Like it or not, it’s about to be Blue Beetle’s world. We’ll just be living in it, surrounded by Blue Beetle merchandise.

Don’t forget, Blue Beetle might also be visiting your store to accompany the movie’s launch, as well…!

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