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DC celebrates AAPI Heritage Month 2023 by launching new Legends into the DCU

We Are Legends and variant covers make up DC's AAPI plans for the year

Image credit: DC

The heart of DC’s plans for Asian American and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month 2023 is the launch of We Are Legends, a line of three six-issue miniseries featuring Asian characters and creators debuting throughout the month — but that’s not the only thing the publisher is doing to mark the occasion this year.

The first month of We Are Legends consists not only of the first issues of each title, but also the May 2 release of Dawn of DC: We Are Legends Special Edition, a free one-shot collecting the shorts that introduced each character to the DC Universe from the Lazarus Planet series of special issues released in January and February this year. Beyond that, the three We Are Legends titles — which will feature both “Dawn of DC” and “We Are Legends” branding on their covers — are:

  • Spirit World by Alyssa Wong and Haining, featuring Xanthe, a character who can interact with the dead that was introduced in Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1
  • The Vigil by Ram V and Lalit Kumar Sharma, centering on a team intent on preventing superhumans from being turning into living weapons; they debuted in Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1
  • City Boy by Greg Pak, Minkyu Jung and Sunny Gho, follows up on earlier appearances of the character in last year’s Wildstoem 30th Anniversary #1 and this year’s Lazarus Planet: Legends Reborn #1, and allows Cameron — the titular boy who can take to cities — to travel the world and visit some of the most famous locations in the DCU… but what will he learn there?

You can learn more about We Are Legends as a whole, and the three titles individually, right here. For digital readers, DC has also announced that Spirit World #1, The Vigil #1, and City Boy #1 will all be released on the DC Universe Infinite app the same day they hit stores.

Additionally, DC is releasing a series of AAPI Heritage Month-themed variant covers across its line, by artists including Isaac Goodhart, Marcio Takara, and Bernard Chang, returning to Monkey Prince on the Action Comics cover, which shows the character playing Mahjong with the Super-Family. (Ghost-Maker takes the spotlight of the Batman Inc. cover, sparring with the Dark Knight across the ages, while Cassandra Cain enjoys a boba on her Batgirl cover, to give an idea of the varied tone of these covers.) The full list of AAPI Heritage Month variants, along with the artists and release dates, is:

  • Batman Inc #8 by Isaac Goodhart and Elmer Santos, in stores on May 9
  • Spirit World #1 by Zu Orzu, in stores on May 9
  • Batgirls #18 by Crystal Kung, in stores on May 16
  • Catwoman #55 by Frank Cho and Sabine Rich, in stores on May 16
  • The Vigil #1 by Pop Mhan, in stores on May 16
  • Action Comics #1055 by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo, in stores on May 23
  • City Boy #1 by Alexandre Tefenkgi, in stores on May 23
  • Green Arrow #2 by Marcio Takara, in stores on May 23

Three of the covers - for Batman Inc, Catwoman, and Action Comics - can be seen in the gallery below.

Read about Marvel’s plans for AAPI Heritage Month here.

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