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DC's 'We Are Legends' line puts Asian heroes at the heart of the DCU with three new miniseries

Spirit World, City Boy, and The Vigil come from creators including Alyssa Wong, Ram V, and Greg Pak

We Are Legends
Image credit: DC

DC is celebrating Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Month with 'We Are Legends' — the umbrella title for the launch of three all-new miniseries featuring three all-new superheroes… although readers who’ve been paying attention to DC’s releases over the past few months just might have seen them before.

Each of the three 'We Are Legends' titles spin out of shorts that have appeared in the Lazarus Planet one-shots published by DC across January and February, introducing new powers and concepts into the DC Universe. All three of the series will feature both 'We Are Legends' and Dawn of DC branding on their covers.

The three series are:

Spirit World

Alyssa Wong and Haining introduced their new creation, Xanthe, in Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1, and now their story continues in a six-issue series opening with a continuation of the Dark Fate short as John Constantine guests to help Xanthe rescue Cassandra Cain from a gang of jianshi — Chinese hopping vampires. Haining provides two covers for the first issue, with additional covers from Dustin Nguyen, Trung Le Nguyen, and Zu Orzu. Check out the covers, and some interior preview art, below.

Spirit World #1 is available now.

The Vigil

A new superteam created by Ram V and Lalit Kumar Sharma, the Vigil debuted in Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1 and will next be seen in two upcoming issues of Detective Comics; in the new series, the team — made up of Arclight, Saya, Dodge, and Castle — are dedicated to preventing future metahuman research and the continued creation of superhumans as weapons for others to use. Unsurprisingly, this is going to lead them into conflict with more than a few familiar faces in the DCU. Kumar Sharma provides the main cover to the first issue, with Mukesh Singh, Pop Man, and Anand RK (the latter working with Kumar Sharma) creating variants. Look at a preview of the covers and interiors from the first issue below.

Ram V spoke to Popverse about the series, saying "This book is going to ramp up to levels of absurdity that you have not witnessed before. This is a window into a wacky world but a story told through characters who are relatable that you’re going to love to discover who are broken and that you care about." There's a full interview with much more information that you should read right here.

The Vigil #1 will be released May 16.

City Boy

Readers have already had a couple of chances to meet Cameron, Greg Pak’s newest creation who can talk to cities; he’s shown up in both last year’s Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special and Lazarus Planet: Legends Reborn #1. Now, he’s getting his own series by Pat and artists Minkyu Jung and Sunny Gho, which will see him traveling to famous locations across the DCU — Metropolis! Themyscira! — as he simply tries to find a way to make a living without getting mixed up in to much trouble. The first issue features covers by Jung, InHyuk Lee, Michael Choi, and Alexandre Tefenkgi. Check out the covers in the gallery below.

City Boy #1 will be released May 23.

All three titles run six issues and launch in May; Spirit World launches May 9, followed by The Vigil on May 16, and City Boy on May 23. Ahead of that, on May 2, DC will be releasing Dawn of DC: We Are Legends Special Edition, a free comic collecting the shorts introducing the characters from the Lazarus Planet issues earlier this year.

Take a look at a preview of Xanthe’s first appearance from Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1.