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DC is advertising 'Dawn of DC' comic books on national TV

An ad spot for the year-long comic book initiative 'Dawn of DC' aired on TBS Wednesday night

Dawn of DC
Image credit: Jeff Spokes (DC)

The 'Dawn of DC' is reaching further than ever, with the trailer for the year-long publishing program making its national TV debut last night during the first hour of All Elite Westling: Dynamite on TBS.

(Yes, comics about heroes and villains in colorful costumes being promoted on a show with heroes and villains in colorful costumes.)

The trailer — which premiered during MegaCon Orlando in March — features animated versions of promotional artwork for 'Dawn of DC' against a gravely voiceover describing “a year-long storytelling initiative” featuring “new epic series, new creative teams, new battles to fight — forging the future one hero at a time,” with an end card showing the covers to the first issues of Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent, Superman, Unstoppable Doom Patrol, and Green Arrow. You can view the trailer for yourself below.

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Those that missed the airing will get another chance to catch it in situ this weekend; it’ll air once again during All Elite Wrestling: Rampage on TNT this Saturday, May 13, starting at 10PM. Additionally, the trailer will be available on HBO Max, according to DC.

This isn’t the first time an ad for DC’s comic book efforts has aired on television, nor even the first time one has aired during an AEW show: in 2021, a TV spot for DC Future State was screened during AEW programming. In both cases, DC’s executive director of consumer marketing Matt Keller was the prime mover behind the spots.

It’s perhaps worth noting that TBS and DC share a parent company, with the cable network also owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. WBD has been making moves to promote DC’s comic book releases across platforms for some time, with movie trailers featuring DC characters and concepts now routinely finishing with an end card suggesting that fans “read where it all began,” accompanied by the covers of multiple titles featuring the appropriate storyline of character, and a suggestion to visit a comic shop, bookstore, or DC’s own website. Could this be one of the rare times when synergy… works in everyone’s favor…?

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