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DC's Outsiders returns as a superhero archeology comic

A disillusioned Batwoman and Luke Fox are looking into the history of the DC Universe

Outsiders #1
Image credit: DC

DC's Outsiders team are back on the inside - as in, they're getting a new comic book series.

Announced during DC's Gotham City panel at SDCC 2023, this new Outsiders series will be written by the longtime writing duo of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, with art from Robert Carey.

The book will feature a relatively new Outsider line-up - a two-person team-up of Batwoman and Luke Fox, who are going to be disillusioned with the whole idea of superheroing after the events of the upcoming 'Gotham War' event. They're going to stop being superheroes, and start being super-archeologists - looking into the history of the DC Universe.

"DC has had so many crises, but that is universes that have fallen apart. But what could have survived? What could have fallen in the cracks?" asks Kelly. Jackson says that it's taking a lot of Star Trek's attitude of approaching the unknown with empathy in approaching how to explore the new and hidden parts of the DCU.

Here's several uncolored, unlettered pages from Outsiders #1 by Robert Carey:

The Kelly & Lanzing duo have been writing comics for years, and are most recently known for their recent Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty run as well as the recent Batman Beyond books from DC.

"This is the book we've been trying to do for a really long time," Lanzing says.

DC editor Ben Abernathy chimes in that Outisders was pitched to him a year ago this week - right here at SDCC 2023, after he asked them to pitch a Batwoman/Batwing series.

"We're really excited. Obviously, the Outsiders have a legacy, but this is something new," says Kelly.

"We love the Outsiders, but if your question is, 'when is blank showing up?' I'm sorry, they're not," adds Lanzing.

The Outsiders is a storied name in DC Comics - originally it was a superhero team founded by Batman when he was on the outs with the Justice League, but later itterations evolved the team. In recent years, a new itteration of the Outsiders has been led by Black Lightning - most recently in issues of the 2022 anthology series Batman: Urban Legends.

Roger Cruz has drawn the primary cover to Outsiders #1, and is joined with variants by Christian Ward, Dan Mora, and a second cover by Cruz. Here they are:

Outsiders is expected to debut later this year.

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