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Meet DC's new big cosmic villain: The Stillness

The Fastest Man Alive is about to meet his match (and then some)

The Flash #2
Image credit: Mike Deodato Jr/DC

The first issue of the new Dawn of DC-era comic book series for The Flash hinted that things weren’t working the way they normally do for the Speed Force — but that was just the start of the trials awaiting Wally West, with the upcoming second issue introducing a new presence that could change everything for the Fastest Man Alive.

In the second issue of the run, to be released October 24, Wally will meet something — or some things — by the name of the Stillness. Described by DC officially as “a group of alien explorers who are very interested in Wally’s powers (which continue to glitch),” there’s far more to the group than meets the eye… or our limited human understanding of time and space, as it turns out.

Si Spurrier, co-creator of the Stillness and writer of the new Flash run, offered the following tease about the new potential threat: “The Stillness: explorers, of a sort. These ineffable entities stretch our understanding of what it is to be a sentient being in this universe, existing in multiple planes of reality and enjoying — let's say — a mischievous relationship with time and space. Their understanding of what we know as ‘the speed force’ far exceeds that of any existing Flash or earthbound scientist, hence their enigmatic (and dire) assessment of Wally West's abilities. And yet, more worrying still, is that for all their immeasurable power their main goal is to attract the attention of an even higher form of life.”

He continues, “At the lofty cosmic levels of beings like the Stillness, mundane concepts like ‘good’ and ‘evil’ don't have much meaning. That these creature have even stooped to notice a mere human, like Wally West, is extraordinary. What they choose to do about him will be even wilder still…”

Bad news, Wally: this really doesn’t bode well for any future run-ins… or your current comic book run, either. While DC hasn’t released any interior images of the Stillness just yet, they appear on the main cover for the issue by the interior art team of Mike Deodato Jr. and Trish Mulvihill:

The Flash #2
Image credit: Mike Deodato Jr/DC

The Flash #2 goes on sale October 24.

The Stillness isn’t the only new addition to the DCU from Dawn of DC; Superman got to meet Marilyn Moonlight in the second issue of his current series.