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Disney's D23 Expo tickets are on sale now!

After 140k people attended 2022's D23 Expo by Disney, the next question is simple: how can we do it again?

D23 Expo 2022 cosplay
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It's here - the largest gathering of Disney fans and Disney employees in one place. It's the D23 Expo.

This year's D23 Expo 2024 will take place August 9 - 11, 2024, once again at the Anaheim Convention Center - just steps away from the original DisneyLand park. And once again, Popverse will be there.

Although the event is still months away, D23 Expo 2024 tickets are on sale as of March 26, 2024 - and to be one of expected 140,000 people to attend (like the last event) you will need to act fast.

How do I get D23 tickets?

Tickets to the D23 Expo are harder to get than a ticket to one of thier movies or a ticket to their theme parks, as Disney allows only paid members of its official Disney fan club, D23, to buy tickets to D23 Expo. If you're a member, tickets start at $99-per-day, with 3-day passes beginning at $297.

Where is Disney's D23 Expo 2024?

Disney's D23 Expo 2024 will take place not only at the Anaheim Convention Center, but at the Honda Center too. There have also been some promises of other D23 programming throughout the week, including events at Disneyland and Angel Stadium.

What is Disney's D23 Expo?

D23 Expo is the Walt Disney Company's official pop culture convention. What does D23 mean? The 'D' stands for Disney and '23' stands for 1923 - the year in which Walt Disney founded the company. Launched in 2009, D23 Expo is usually held biennially (every other year), although it skipped 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

D23 Expo is one part pop culture convention, one part musuem exhibition, and one part gift shop. On its show floor it routinely hosts a cavalcade of new and hard-to-find merch from across the Disney family of companies, and in some cases the only North American appearances of Disney merch from the international parks. In the panel rooms, each D23 Expo features the Disney Legends awards ceremony, showcases from Disney's film studios (Walt Disney Animation, Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Studios, Pixar, and 20th Century Studios), an always-exciting Disney Parks presentation, and various historical exhibits from the company's past.

Where is Disney's D23 Expo?

D23 Expo 2022
Image credit: Walt Disney Company

Since it's debut in 2009, the D23 Expo has been held biennially at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California - literally steps away from Disney's first theme park, Disneyland. It has held a smaller, sister event in Japan called D23 Expo Japan in 2013, 2015, and 2018.

Does D23 happen every year?

Since its inception, Disney's D23 Expo has taken place bi-annually - that is, every two years - much like its sister show, Star Wars Celebration.

Is D23 always in Anaheim?

Could the biennial D23 Expo be held somewhere besides Anaheim, California? It's possible. Disney's other major convention, Star Wars Celebration (co-produced by Popverse's parent company ReedPop), has been held in Essen, Germany, London, England, Chiba, Japan, Orlando, Florida, and Chicago, Illinois. But given Disney's extra strong ties to the Anaheim area (and no doubt the ease of Disneyland being next door), it'd be a surprise to many if it ever tours outside of the Los Angeles area.

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