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Dune: Part Two home release date: When Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi epic will be available to stream and buy

The spice will flow very soon for fans who want to watch Dune: Part Two in their living rooms

Dune: Part Two
Image credit: Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures

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Denis Villenueve’s Dune: Part Two is, in every respect, an epic: a movie so big that even IMAX doesn’t feel big enough, and so filled with information — and, bluntly, beautiful shots — that you might feel the need to rewind to make sure that you didn’t miss any of the details. (Or just to watch Christopher Walken being Christopher Walken In Space, which was a joy in and of itself.) Good news, then — because now we know when you’ll be able to do that very thing in the comfort of your own home.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures have announced that Dune: Part Two will be available to purchase and rent digitally on April 16, with a physical release following on May 14.

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The April date is when Dune: Part Two will be available for purchase or 48-hour rental via PVOD (Paid Video On Demand) on platforms including Amazon’s Prime Video, AppleTV, GooglePlay, and more. The sale price will be $29.99, and the initial rental price will be $24.99, according to the studios. When the physical edition is released a month later, it will be available in 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD; no price was listed in the official announcement, but it’s already available for pre-order with a price point similar to the digital purchase cost at time of writing.

As to when Dune: Part Two will be available to stream via a subscription platform, that remains officially unannounced, but Villenueve has made comments that suggest that it might be due to appear on Max as soon as mid-April.

No matter where you want to watch, it seems, the spice will flow. Somewhere, Paul is smiling (and then, probably, planning to attack if you don’t recognize his power).

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