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Superstar DC writer Mark Waid talks Lazarus Planet, Dawn of DC, and more on Enter the Popverse

Lazarus Planet, World's Finest, and Shazam! writer Mark Waid joins Ashley V. Robinson on Enter the Popverse

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The much-heralded 'Dawn of DC' is now underway, and in many ways is being led out of the gate by writer Mark Waid. Between Batman/Superman: World's Finest, the current crossover event Lazarus Planet, and the upcoming Shazam! series, Waid and his artistic collaborators are reminding us how great great superhero storytelling can be.... and this week he'll be talking to Popverse all about it.

Writer Mark Waid will be the featured guest of February 24's Enter the Popverse, talking with host Ashley V. Robinson about recent and upcoming DC comics work.

Mark Waid's DC comics work will be just one of several topics Enter the Popverse will cover in its first episode - expect it to touch on all the biggest breaking news in the worlds of comics, tv, and film.

The third episode of Enter the Popverse will go live on YouTube (and here) Friday, February 24 at 1 pm EST. Watch below:

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You can watch it live or come back later for a full replay! And come back every Friday at 1pm EST to watch more from Popverse with Enter The Popverse!

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