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Erica Schultz shares family secrets of a Nazi hunter with Image Comics' The Deadliest Bouquet

The Deadliest Bouquet's Erica Schultz talks about the Kickstarter/Image Comics series

Ashley V. Robinson and Erica Schultz
Image credit: Popverse

Deadliest Bouquet bloomed to life on Kickstarter and has found a home at Image Comics. The first issue of the Nazi-punching comic book starring three sisters is on shelves now, brimming with beautiful flowers and a heinous crime to launch a powerful, personal series.

Fortunately, Popverse's Ashley V. Robinson caught up with Deadliest Bouquet’s creator/writer Erica Schultz during the recent Comic-Con International: San Diego to dig into the series.

"With the death of their mom they’re also dealing with grief specifically,” Schultz tells Popverse of the series leads, the Hawthorn Sisters. "And they each deal with things in their own personal way, but there’s still tons of ass-kicking and lots of fights."

Here is our full eight-minute interview with Erica Schultz on Deadliest Bouquet.

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The Deadliest Bouquet #1 (of 5) is on sale now, with The Deadliest Bouquet #2 planned for September 21.
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